Trans-Pecos Recap & West Texas Soundtrack

This year we had the pleasure of being a part of Bunkhouse Group annual "festival of music + love" at El Cosmic in Marfa, TX called, Trans-Pecos Festival. Probably one of the lesser known and smallest festivals of the year, Bunkhouse brings together some of the best music, makers, and people to enjoy some hippie vibes in the West Texas desert under the stars.

If you've never been to Trans-Pecos, trust us you're missing out! The fest is a three-day stint of live music, workshops, art seeing, and of course if you've been to any Bunkhouse event, michelada drinking! Out there you never know who you'll run into! You've got locals, folks flying in from LA and NY, and everywhere in between.

We're still feeling the vibes back in Houston and decided to bring y'all our first soundtrack titled 'West Texas'! This one features 34 of our favorite songs right now that are sure to keep the vibes alive. Enjoy, and check back often as we'll be adding new songs to keep ya dancing!