Manready Mercantile was officially created in November of 2012 by Travis S. Weaver, a small town guy originally from Zephyr, Texas. We're a small business built upon values of honesty and hard work...that's just how we do things. You combine these two traits together and you can't help but get quality service and products. We do things differently at Manready and hope you'll come pay us a visit and see why!

Travis started by making candles on a stovetop in his apartment to prove that you don't need a handout or to grow up with a silver spoon in your mouth to start a successful business. The initial business was named Manready Mercantile and was sold through manready.com and to retailers across the U.S. The focus was on apothecary goods, with everything made in small batches, right here in Houston, Texas. Most of the goods are unisex, but great for men...that's the twist. In the past, many of these items were never purchased by men or for men. We felt that by revamping the packaging and branding, we could change that...which is exactly what happened.

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The Man Behind Manready

Founder Travis S. Weaver, originally from Zephyr, a small town in west Texas, is the perfect example that the American dream still exists. He played 6-man football, chopped firewood, worked cattle, was a welder, hauled hay, and even worked on a turkey farm. “If you wanted a vehicle and school clothes, this is what you had to do. I'm proof that if you’re willing to make sacrifices, work hard, and pay your dues, you can make it in this world...on your own...no handouts.”

After leaving Zephyr, Travis pursued a degree in Advertising, spent time traveling, and even lived with a family in Mexico where he learned to tool leather. “I see something and I get fixated. I start envisioning ways to make things better or more marketable.” Many of Manready’s products are preexisting, but marketed to women. “We twist them, we turn them, and we make them, well, Manready.”

This journey to live the American dream is only starting. Even though the company is growing into a national brand, Manready will always support small town businesses and the community. Travis never wants to lose sight of where he came from and what made him the honest hard-worker he is today.

Start from nothing. Create something with purpose. Fight your way through it all. Stay true and earn your stripes.

— Travis S. Weaver

Meet the Team

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Our Locations

Houston Heights

321 W. 19th Street - Suite B

Houston, TX 77008

Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 6pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm

Austin SoCo

1011 S. Congress Ave - Bldg 1 #180

Austin, TX 78704

Thursday - Sunday: 12pm - 6pm