Sundays In The Pit

We spent our Sunday at the shop adulting at it's finest (if you ask us) or as some would say, in the "pit" with Richer Poorers' adult ball-pit! Our good pals from Richer Poorer, who were actually one of the first brands we picked up when starting our website in the early days of Manready Mercantile, rolled into town big time and set up their traveling ball-pit outside of our Heights brick and mortar. We were lucky to be on the map for one of many stops they've been making along their United States tour and we were proud to host such a great day! Watching all of these brands grow from these small ideas of creating interesting and quality made products to so much more in just a short amount of time will never stop inspiring us! Richer Poorer, you guys are one of those!richer-poorer-ball-pit-manready-mercantile

"Born from humble beginnings to elevate ordinary objects, we believe that design, color and utility can improve your daily outlook. That California roots can grow effortless style. And that staying hungry and resourceful keeps us nimble on our feet." - Richer Poorer

With big leaps being taken and contagious smiles amongst the community, we couldn't have asked for a better time. They passed out socks to every brave ball-pit contender, provided free fun, and made you feel like a kid again. If you haven't heard of Richer Poorer, we highly suggest looking into their ever expanding line of classic and durable basics. They've got everything you need from soft blended tees and socks with a flair, to tanks and intimates for women.rob-erni-richer-poorer-ball-pittimothy-morales-football-manready-mercantile-richer-poorerwork-hard-live-well-richer-poorer-socksAs if "Work Hard, Live Well" wasn't enough of a slogan to live by, our great friends from Richer Poorer say, "Have Fun, Feel Good" - we couldn't agree more. - The M.M. Team