Sunday Six with Founder Travis Weaver

Last month, our friends at Helm Boots featured our founder, Travis Weaver, in a special edition of their Saturday Six newsletter. We loved the outcome, so we thought we'd share with our Manready family, as well!

Welcome to the one-off Saturday Six, the Sunday Six, with Manready's very own Travis Weaver! 

Here are a few (six, to be exact) of Travis' favorite things:

1. Eat


"There’s not much that's better than good ol’ fashion Texas BBQ. One thing is for sure, Truth BBQ is a must-go-to spot if you're looking for some of the finest smoked meats that you can get your chompers on. Originally founded by Leonard Botello in Brenham, Texas, they've recently opened their newest location right here in Houston, and they definitely give local spots a run for their money."

 2. Drink


 "Round Top Texas is known for hosting one of the biggest flea markets in the world. When you’re out that way for the ultimate antique shopping extravaganza, make sure to pop by the Ellis Motel.’s not a motel at all. It’s actually a bar and lounge that makes one of the best Old Fashioneds that you can get your hands on. Trust us, this place is awesome and full of epic photo ops."

3. Wear 


"When it comes to style, our friends at Knickerbocker MFG always have some rocking gear and are great for guys and gals. Their designs are inspired by vintage wear while also honoring with modern looks and trends - not to mention their pieces fit like a dream. These dudes are true visionaries and we’re honored to carry them at Manready Mercantile ever since the day we opened."

4. Visit


 "Not sure how to explain how cool Blackwood Educational Land Institute is, but we’ll try. This absolutely beautiful 33 acre farm and facility is a non-profit “teaching farm” that educates on the role of the food system and the importance of farm to table concepts. Beyond learning, you can rent out their farm for retreats or personal getaways. Intrigued to learn more? You should be!"

5. Relax


"When you work as hard as we do, you appreciate the time you get to unwind. Some of our go-to products for relaxing after a long day are the incense from Incausa. Incausa collaborates with artisans, villages, and associations of eight different native ethnicities in the Amazon Basin. They offer the most tranquilizing yet intriguing scents and smell-good items for your home. We’ve been working with them for years and love their story just as much as we love their goods."

6. Listen


Photo by Ben Christensen

"If you know, you know - Charley Crockett delivers a mix of blues and country - it'd be tough to pick a single song as a favorite. South Texas-grown, Crockett delivers music that speaks volumes about the good times and the bad. He’s definitely one to add to your playlist, folks."


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