Manready Mercantile 9-Year Anniversary Weekend Recap

First off, thank you to everyone who popped into the shop over the weekend, followed the fun on social media or made an order on the website. Without y’all we can’t celebrate the special times or continue creating the high quality products that we’re passionate about. Your support means the world to this small business – you have our deepest gratitude.

To anyone that’s been with us for a while you may know that our anniversary weekends mean a lot to us. They not only offer a chance to feature some of the things we’re working on, but also they give us a chance to give back to y’all. The 9-Year Anniversary weekend was no different.

This past weekend featured some barbecue prepared by Manready Mercantile’s owner Travis Weaver, along with delicious chips and salsa from Houston-based Chilesquiles. We also got to offer tasty samples all weekend from Sauvignon John and Big Bayou. Local plant shop Dirt Bag was here on Saturday, which also happened to be Earth Day, with great options to add to your home or spring gardens. Fan favorite Passionate Arts & Crafts took their place on Sunday to offer a variety of handmade ceramics. Pet adoption organization Friends for Life had a station through the weekend, and our friends with Baked Bones offered CBD-based treats for the furry friends in your life. Similar to the way we run the store, we tried to have a little something for everyone! 

During these kinds of events we get to welcome new folks into the shop, see old friends, and showcase some of our favorite vendors that we regularly work with. While this year’s party may not have been as big as years past, that doesn’t make it any less special. The fact that we’re still trucking along and gotten back to a place where we can do this is more than enough.  

But now we’re looking toward the future.

In many ways, this past weekend felt like a turning point. The last few years have definitely had their tough moments, but we’re ready to get back to doing the special things that put Manready Mercantile on the map all those years ago. We have some big things coming up on the horizon, folks, and we’re more excited than ever to share them with you.

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it… Dust settles, we don’t.

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