Brushfire Farms

Prickly Pear Simple Syrup


Made with 100% Handpicked Prickly Pear from South Texas. Brushfire Farm takes great pride in making the best prickly pear simple syrup on the market. This syrup adds a delightful touch to a variety of beverages and desserts. Use it to sweeten and add a vibrant color to cocktails, such as margaritas ranch waters, old fashions or mojitos. Create a refreshing prickly pear lemonade or iced tea by incorporating the syrup. Drizzle it over desserts like pancakes, waffles, or ice cream for a sweet and fruity kick. Experiment by adding a splash to fruit salads or yogurt for a unique flavor infusion. Prickly Pear Simple Syrup can be a versatile and exotic addition to your culinary creations.

Pro Tip: Pour our syrup straight into your Topochico bottle for a refreshing mocktail!

Brushfire Farms is a small business based in San Antonio, Texas. They create high quality products utilizing the Chile Pequin pepper.  They also grow their own Peruvian Aji Limon peppers and handpick their prickly pear from several ranches across South Texas.

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