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Color: Black

As a cop, Brian Hoffner knew that a knife was needed that officers could use to pry doors, “If you can’t get in, go home”. As a national instructor, to combat terrorists and active shooters, he wanted a knife that could do it all when the going got tuff, so he created the BEAST!  He designed this knife as the perfect special purpose fixed blade for police, SWAT, military professionals, and citizens alike to do what other knives could not.

The Beast is an indestructible carry blade that will cut, penetrate, pry, hammer, chop, break, rake, smash, slash, crash, and trash all in its path!

This knife is truly “the Beast”! – Brian Hoffner

An incredibly strong and powerful, full-tang knife that is warranted as a pry tool.  That’s right, we want you to pry with it!  Incredibly ergonomic and well-balanced, but beautiful as well.  With a handle that matches the Hoffner folder, including the Index Divots, muscle memory is the same. Whether in the sands of Afghanistan on the kit of the American Warrior, or in the wilderness on the belt of the American Hunter, the BEAST is American power at its best!

*The Beast is an extraordinary knife.  No one else builds a knife like it, why?  Well, its hard to find sheets of good steel that thick.  Then its hard to cut and work it.  Then its tough to properly anneal such a thick, long, chunk of steel.  We over cooked them once and had to destroy 600 blades.  So its tough and its risky, but we, and so many of you love the Beast, so we will keep building it.  But because its so difficult we don’t always have it in stock, we have gone long stretches without it so be sure to get it when you can!

Brian Hoffner designed the most powerful Knife on the planet!  Here’s why:

Size Matters – It’s got a 7″ long Tanto Blade!

Size Really Matters – It’s 3/8″ Inches Thick!

Revolutionary – The BEAST is a pry bar with an edge… a very sharp edge.   We warranty it as a pry bar.  It does it all.  Pry the door, break and rake the glass, and chop through the wall.  Outdoors you can chop, baton, and entrench.  Whatever your needs, trust the BEAST to get it done.

Grippy – The G10 that we use for the handles is the grippiest and best material that can be put on a knife handle.  It’s textured for grip, as well as strong, hard, stain resistant, rugged, waterproof, lightweight, stable, and beautiful.

440C Super Steel – We use the first, and still the best, Super Steel.  The high Chromium content is what makes it truly stainless, it won’t rust or pit in your sweaty pocket.  It’s hardened to 56-58 HRC, which means that it will take an edge and hold an edge, as well as excellent resistance to wear. This is one tough blade folks!

Breeds Confidence – If you can’t get it done with the BEAST…forget about it.

The Hoffner BEAST is a must for every American.  Go forth and destroy! –  Brian Hoffner

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