Cinnamon Tennessee Snow Whipped Honey | TruBee Honey

Also called "creamed honey" or "spun honey," our Tennessee Snow honey is pure honey that's been whipped to a spreadable texture. 

The color of the product changes a little, since it's whiter with a light honey, but the taste is always sweet and addictive. Use it on toast, biscuits or cinnamon rolls. We love it for peanut-butter-and-honey sandwiches, so there's no drippy mess. This honey also can be stirred into hot drinks. 

This popular product was No. 1 on the Editors' Top 10 list in Food & Wine magazine's August 2015 issue. Editor Julia Heffelfinger said, "This is so creamy, I'd spread it on a biscuit instead of butter." 

Product update (3/1/17): We now have a cinnamon version of our creamed honey! The only difference is we add pure, organic "true" Ceylon cinnamon. The texture is the same, only it has a bright, energizing cinnamon kick.