Roks Ice

Cowboy Hat Inserts | Roks Ice


Saddle up, whiskey connoisseurs, because rOks has just lassoed the essence of the West. rOks' one-of-a-kind whiskey ice cube boast a genuine cowboy hat impression, bringing the taste of frontier adventure to your glass. Add your “Cowboy Hat” rOks to any cocktail and elevate your sipping experience to legendary heights.

  • Authenticity in every sip
  • Ice cubes melts slowly, ensuring your whiskey remains perfectly chilled without diluting the robust flavor.
  • Elevate gatherings, parties, or even solo sips with this unique conversation starter.
  • Searching for the perfect gift?  This ice cube is a gift that will have whiskey aficionados tipping their hats in appreciation.
  • Take your time savoring every sip knowing you can trust rOks with your chill.

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