Blackrock Leather

Complete Leather Care Box | Blackrock Leather


Everything you need to give comprehensive care to your leather goods and ensure their lifetime. All products are proudly made in American.

Box includes:

  • 4 oz jar of Blackrock Leather N Rich
    • Cleans, softens, and preserves all finished leather
    • Removes scuffs
    • Genuine Carnauba Wax buffs easily to a shine
  • Natural horsehair brush
    • Quick, even shine to your leather boots and shoes
    • 100% Natural Horsehair 
    • Handcrafted in the USA
    • 8" Finished Hardwood Handle
  • Shop rag
    • Easily clean off all dirt, dust, and residue
    • Perfect for all your clean up jobs
    • Custom printed with the legendary Blackrock logo.
    • 100% Cotton

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