Jim Koehn Artwork

Art Print 5" x 7" | Roadtrippin Texas | Jim Koehn Artwork


"I've earned my livelihood through artistic means my entire adult life - over 30 years so far. I've been involved in a wide variety of creative ventures aside from my ongoing painting during this time. This includes designing and fabricating studio sets for many of the local Houston TV Stations, creating an even wider variety of events of all sorts throughout the Houston area, as well as painting backdrops, murals and custom signs. I've been self-employed and "off the grid" for the past 15 years - providing for my family and raising my two daughters through these artistic means one way or another. During this entire time I've kept creating art - whether it be large acrylic paintings, smaller watercolors, drawings or occasionally other mediums that fit the moment - and all the while selling and commissioning pieces as often as possible. I've been fascinated by historic architecture for many years and my art often reflects that - lately I am enjoying working in smaller sizes and my most recent paintings are influenced by the Backroads of America, a love of Coffee, an appreciation of Beer, our National Parks - and life in general. I am entering an exciting period in my own life adventure and my art is always evolving with me. See my Galleries of Art, Photography and Set Design in the Menu bar for examples of my work."

-Jim Koehn

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