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CADE | Solid Cologne | Manready Mercantile


CADE Cologne, a unisex fragrance made by Manready Mercantile in Houston, TX.

The latest addition to our line of fine fragrances is the CADE Solid Cologne. Formulated in-house and hand-poured in small batches, these solid colognes are a must-have! The oils are custom-made and we blend everything in our manufacturing facility right down the road from our Houston store. The solid cologne is poured into a removable insert which is then placed into a gunmetal, custom-tooled vessel that swivels open to access. Once this travel-friendly cologne is used up, you can remove the insert and put in a brand-new one! Just rub with your finger, or scoop a small amount out with the back of a fingernail, apply, and enjoy!

This was a heck of a project, to say the least, but the result was worth the hard work that all of our staff put in to make CADE Cologne come to life.

0.33 oz


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