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Rusty Spur Motor Lodge Incense | Good & Well Supply Co.

Good & Well Supply's new Roadside Motels collection harkens back to the bygone days of the "great American road trip." This collection is inspired by the retro signs, neon lights, and charming names of the motels and inns that lined the highways in midcentury America, and because it's always fun to bring back souvenirs from your travels, each incense tin comes with a vintage inspired motel matchbook tucked inside. 

The incense cones are hand dipped and are housed in a reusable (and recyclable) aluminum tin; the lid can be used as a burning surface. Each cone will burn for 20-30 minutes with a scent longevity of 2-3 hours. 25 count.
  • Leather + Tobacco + Musk

100% Vegan, 100% Eco-friendly, 100% Recyclable.
Made in small batches in Seattle, WA, USA

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