Sight Line Provisions

Kona & Tiger's Eye Beaded Redfish Bracelet | Sight Line Provisions


The SLP bead is Sightline Provisions' latest design that gives you one more way to stack your pursuits.

Their Redfish bead sits at the center with the accent of kona stone beads and natural tigers eye. The bracelet closes with a moveable pulley closure to allow for a broad range in wrist size.


Metal* redfish bead on black 1mm thread with 6mm kona colored stone beads and real tigers eye 4mm faceted beads. Moveable pulley closure opens to 10.5" and closes to 6" wrist size.

*Metal SLP beads may tarnish with exposure to different skin types (oils + pH) and/or salt water environments. The beads can be brought to shine with a rough cloth or steel wool.

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