Guide Curated Fly Set | Mollyjogger


A Mollyjogger x OzarkEnglishman project

Guide curated selection of twelve hand tied flies to cover almost any fly fishing situation for Trout or Bass. Created with quality materials and sized to suit all season fishing in a wide variety of fresh water streams. Any fly fisher will find these flies essential and it is the fly collection of choice when heading for the stream.

Keith Oxby, of OzarkEnglishman Fly Fishing, is a retired Royal Navy Engineer with ten years experience as a lead fly fishing instructor for Orvis® and a certified International Federation of Fly Fishers casting instructor. He has provided instruction to thousands of newcomers entering the sport and now specializes in advanced fly casting. Keith’s fly fishing experience began in Scotland and includes, but not limited to, the American West, Southern England, Ireland, Alaska and Belize.

Package includes pattern name, hook size and recommended fishing techniques.  

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