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Cake Batter Training Bits | Polkadog Bakery


The perfect party favor! Your favorite celebratory treat now in 2.5oz mini tubes! Have your Cake [Batter] and eat it too! You’ll have the most popular pup at the party if you show up with Polkadog's soft & chewy peanut butter and banana Cake Batter bits! Whether it’s your furry friend’s birthday, gotcha day, or any other day of the week that ends in the letter “y”, these are the perfect, fun size treat for any occasion! Let's get this party started!

  • Soft & Chewy
  • Vegan
  • All-Natural
  • Peanut Butter from Teddie's in Everett, MA
  • Bananas Grown on US Farms
  • Perfectly Sized for Training
  • Great for Puppies & Older Dogs
  • Low in Calories

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