Zipper Wallet | Sashiko | Kiriko


Introducing Kiriko's new zipper wallets. Made just the right size to fit in your pocket, with an inner pocket to hold the cards you use most. Each piece is made with high-quality, traditional Japanese fabrics, for a unique look and special meaning behind each piece.

Sashiko stitching was originally done by hand not just for decoration, but also to reinforce fabric. This zipper wallet displays different sashiko patterns with a classic indigo blue base and white, undyed thread.

Each piece is sewn here in Portland with cotton fabrics imported from Japan, paired with high quality US findings. 

  • Sewn in Portland, OR
  • Modern Sashiko from Japan
  • Inner Pocket
  • Chambray lining
  • Brass Zipper
  • Genuine leather tassel
  • Size: 4" x 4.5"

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