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The Whiskey Kit | Manready Mercantile


Give the gift of great taste. The Whiskey Kit is a curated box packed full of great gift ideas for the whiskey connoisseur in your life! Not only is this box a wonderful gift for someone who is hard to shop for, but it's also specially curated by the Manready Crew. The Whiskey Kit features:

-  One 4oz. bag of our famous whiskey soaked campfire beef jerky that's soaked overnight in Bulleit Bourbon

- One of our Bourbon, Vanilla & Sandalwood candles that's hand-poured right here in Houston in a reusable whiskey glass 

- One whiskey glass that's printed with Manready's trademark "Whiskey Blooded" design

- Two handmade black leather Whiskey Blooded coasters cut from Wicket and Craig leather, which is made in Pennsylvania and has been around since 1867

- One Can Cozy printed with our "Work Hard Live Well" flag design 

- One Bittermilk No. 1 Old Fashioned cocktail mix 

- One set of Daneson's No. 22 bourbon soaked toothpicks. To be clear folks,  there's are the world's premier toothpick - made from steeped six-year-old barrel aged Kentucky straight bourbon, these Bourbon toothpicks are best appreciated by aficionados with a southern state of mind who understand the subtle nuances in fine Kentucky bourbon

- One set of Yes Cocktail's bitters infused old fashioned cocktail cubes. These things have everything you need for an old fashioned minus the bourbon! 

- One package of Yes Cocktail's dehydrated orange garnishes - perfect for an old fashioned or any other cocktail that you prefer 

- One W&P Peak Square Ice Mold - these are perfect for our everyday ice cube needs and super easy to get out of the tray

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