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The Noble Series Soy Candle | Patchouli + Rosewood | Manready Mercantile


The product that started it all! Our founder, Travis Weaver took glasses from his pantry, bought a little soy wax and essential oils and started making candles on his stove. He went door-to-door selling them to prove a point that folks can make it if they just get creative, word hard, and never give up! Let's just say that these candles are quite the hit!

Patchouli + Rosewood

Warm notes of smoked wood and sweet mint. Light to medium scent throw. Hand poured, small batch in Houston, TX.

Burn time: 40 hours
Net wt: 9oz
Wax: Clean burning soy
Scent: Natural essential oils
Wick: Cotton
Vessel: Reusable whiskey glass

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