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The Lucais: Vertical Wallet | JJ Leathersmith


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The Lucais is a Minimalist wallet like no other. First designed in 2014, a completely new genre of wallets, the vertical bill fold, was born. When you use this wallet, your life not only gets better, but being a person with an eye for the unique and functional, your friends will look on in awe, and envy every time they watch you pull it out to pay.


2.75“ x 3.95" x 0.4”

7cm x 10cm x 1cm


  • You can carry up to 8 cards and a whopping 30 bills (that's $600 in 20s or $3,000 in 100s)
  • A full-grain cow leather that ages like a good whiskey
  • Handstitched so you never have to worry about the stitching fraying and coming apart
  • Constantly have your friends asking where you got such a cool wallet
  • Made in Ecuador

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