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Stone-Washed Swiss Saddle Bag #2 | Coronado Leather


Inspired by the original Swiss Army saddle bags used in the 1920’s-40’s, our No.2 Saddle Bag is part of a new and upcoming collection of rugged, stout men's luggage and accessories built to last. 

Made from heavy-weight 8/9oz. Horween® leather then Stone-Washed in Los Angeles, California, each bag is made with simply leather, hardware and thread (no internal lining or fabrics). The designs are streamlined, smart and functional with features like a hinged flap and side buckle/cinch straps. Each piece is individually serial numbered with black foil embossing and finished with solid-brass hardware.

This is a true heirloom bag that you can pass down for generations. Not only is the design unique but the leather as well. Horween® Dublin is an exceptional leather. A 100% vegetable tanned leather with rich waxes and a natural pull-up effect. The stone-washing accelerates the patina of the leather and gives the bag instant character.  Horween® has been tanning premium leathers in Chicago since 1905. 

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