Alfred Lane

Solid Cologne | Enigma | Alfred Lane


Enigma: (n.) a person possessing mysterious qualities or mystic character.

After 4 years of its initial release and by popular demand, we've redesigned and are now re-releasing Enigma, a special edition solid cologne from Alfred Lane. Enigma epitomizes the self-assured and confident man — a man of a few words. His presence is noticed everywhere, not by what he says but by how he carries himself. Other men want what he has — women simply want him.

A masculine blend of spicy, woodsy and smoky notes, Enigma’s sophisticated base contrasts bergamot with cedar, mint and suede.

Enigma is handcrafted in small batches and released in limited quantities.

Enigma comes in a newly designed, 0.5oz tin can, perfect for travel or reapplying on the go, and is made with natural ingredients and oils to help to moisturize your skin.

To apply, dip or swirl finger in cologne and apply to pulse points such as wrist, behind the ears and neck.

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