Shenandoah Edition | 3 Pack | Field Notes
Shenandoah Edition | 3 Pack | Field Notes Shenandoah Edition | 3 Pack | Field Notes Shenandoah Edition | 3 Pack | Field Notes

If you want paper that’s one color on one side and another color on the reverse, the simplest thing to do is to start with white paper and print a different ink on each side. They've done that, it’s simple, it works well. But they're Field Notes; if there’s a more difficult, expensive, and awesome way to achieve the same result, they'll find it. In this case, it’s called duplexing. Using brute force and adhesives, you take two different colored papers and fuse them together so that they become one.

Field Notes used duplex paper before (in our American Tradesman and Raven’s Wing editions) but this time they had specific paper and colors in mind, and an off-the-shelf solution wouldn’t work. So for the very first time, they made their own.

The Shenandoah edition features three green French cover stocks that match the leaf color of three trees found at Shenandoah National Park: the Sweet Birch, the Chestnut Oak, and the Red Maple. Our new friends at Platinum Converting in Itasca, Ill. fused each of the green papers to a contrasting French text-weight paper that matches the tree’s fall foliage.

These extra-sturdy duplexed covers have a classic, beefy feel to them, reminiscent of early Quarterly Editions like Mackinaw Autumn and Just Below Zero. Beefier, actually, since we’ve upgraded our body paper to 60#T Finch Opaque “Bright White,” with a 3/16" graph. Each features an illustration of a leaf on the back with some facts about the tree. The belly band is real birch veneer, just because it looked so darn good with all that green.

The beauty of the Shenandoah Valley opens up to illustrate the words of Thomas Jefferson.