Rinsed Herringbone Jacket | Indigo | Corridor



The Rinsed Indigo Herringbone Overshirt features an overdye indigo herringbone canvas. Like many of Corridor's indigos, they prefer to overdye the bolt of fabric, sew the garment and then wash it down to get the shrink out and increase the indigo contrast.

The herringbone allows for a beautiful distressing throughout the garment (not just at the seams) and is truly a four season garment: outerwear for spring and summer, and your mid layer for fall and winter.

The shirt is then sewed by their partner factory in Chennai and, finally, heavily washed to remove the top layer of indigo, revealing a deep depth of color. The shirt will age beautifully over time and I hope that you wear it out, repair it, and do it all again until its dust.

Tailoring: The shirt was sewn responsibly by the good people and tailors at the Original Madras Trading Company in Madras (Chennai), India.

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