Terrastraw | Terracotta | Recapitate


This fine straw hat is woven in Ecuador using dried strands of native toquilla palm. The diamond shaped “brisa” weaving pattern takes the skilled artisans several days to complete but the result is a very strong and beautiful material. The rest happens in the Recapitate workshop in Joshua Tree. Each hat is steamed and pulled over custom wooden blocks before being cut, sewn and adorned. And of course they are hand shaped by (“musician”/hatter Todd Fink [The Faint]) to transform them into something truly unique and aesthetically satisfying. No two will be identical.

Color: Terracotta

Crown height: Medium. Low in front.

Hat band: Matching aged hemp cord.

Material: Fine handwoven toquilla palm straw

Sweatband: Black cotton twill

Size: XS - 55.5cm

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