Pipe Bomb | 30 mL | Blackbird
Pipe Bomb | 30 mL | Blackbird Blackbird Pipe Bomb Perfume Fragrance Manready Mercantile

Scent Notes: saltwater, metal, amber

Details: At first, all you can smell is a faint spark; something sharp and bright leading down the fuse to a fragrant explosion. Literally, this perfume starts very quiet and takes about ten minutes for the fuse to burn down. Synthesized with the finest raw materials, Pipe Bomb moves from scent to scent within its composition, dazzling with each shift. Like an underwater firecracker bundled with incense, light saltwater notes meld with hot metal to create an inviting, warm glove that shapes differently to fit each wearer's hand. Legal in all 50 states.


The most frequently asked question Blackbird get these days is, "what's the difference between Pipe Bomb and Pipe Bomb Intense?" If you've smelled the original Pipe Bomb, this is an easy question to answer, but if not it will take a little trust and imagination - we'll get to that in a bit.

The History of Pipe Bomb: Pipe Bomb was one of the first perfumes we developed back in 2012 for the Blackbird stores (R.I.P.). We wanted something so simple and easy that anyone could wear it. I wouldn't say we were designing perfume per se but simply creating scent. We designed 6 scents at the time, bottled them up, printed labels using a Brother Label Maker and sold them. They all sold well but Pipe Bomb really stood out as the best of the pack. THE NAME: We receive very few questions about the name Pipe Bomb which is surprising. The name Pipe Bomb came about when we realized that it takes so damn long for the scent to develop on the skin, like a long lit fuse waiting to ignite. It can take up to 20 minutes before you smell anything. The other reason is that one of the ingredients persistently tries to return to its crystalline form and always ends up crusting up the edge of the bottle. Some customers complain thinking it's a defective bottle but it's just the nature of the perfume and something you might see if building your own explosives. It should also be noted that when shipping this product we have to change the name sometimes to not shut down airports. We're peaceful folks here at Blackbird so please note that this product is about perfume explosion and that is all. ANOSMIC: The original Pipe Bomb contains so few molecules that the nose may become anosmic to the scent. What is anosmic you ask? Well, the human ability to smell the things around us varies from person to person and is complicated by many other factors such as mucus membranes, head traumas, the common cold and/or simple genetics. With Pipe Bomb, if you can't smell the fragrance on your skin, wait up to 20 minutes as it will grow over time. Then if you still can't smell it, trust that your friends can. Over time you may become anosmic to the scent so might consider taking a break or seek something stronger; this was one of the key reasons we created PipeBomb Intense.