No. 12 Folding Fillet Knife | Opinel


The Slim series (a.k.a Effilés in French) are elegant and highly ergonomic. The No.12 makes a great table knife while the No.15 is used to fillet fish on the go. All slim knives have a narrow flexible blade, the smallest ones are great to cut fruits and vegetables and the larger ones fillet fish. Please keep in mind that the Slim knives have a slightly flexible blade and are not designed to be used for heavy-duty tasks.

- Sharp Stainless Steel Blade

- Limited Lifetime Warranty

- Flexible blade for filleting thin slices

- Highly anti-corrosive blade

- Made in France

10.5" x 1" x 1" (Open)
Blade Material
Sandvik Stainless Steel 12C27 Mod.
Blade Length
5 inches
Handle Material
Olive Wood

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