Abbott NYC Mojave Cologne Bergamot Black Pepper Tobacco Leaf Made In USA Apothecary Manready Mercantile

Abbott NYC is a couple of friends, one from Nicaragua, one from Nashville, with a shared passion for travel. And while they've racked up a lot of passport stamps over the years, as professionals in New York they found themselves spending far too much time counting down until the next day off. Their solve was simple: Bottle the spirit of experience, and bring adventure into the everyday. They’ve partnered with the best scent-makers in the world to create fragrances informed by their favorite destinations. Subtle yet evocative, each one serves as a daily reminder to live with style and audacity, whether you’re at your desk, on the jet bridge, or somewhere way off the beaten path.

  • 30 ml

Design for Travel: Travel friendly size, shape and construction. TSA carry on approved.

Durable Shell: Forget about the fragility of glass. The aluminum shell is highly durable.

Polished Finish: A clean design that looks great on your bathroom shelf and wherever else you take it.

Abbott gives back so the places that inspire them will continue to inspire many generations to come. They donate $1 for every full size bottle purchased to a local cause that supports the environment.

"We gazed out at the sandy expanse. The scorched land was dotted with dusty brush and the occasional desert flower. The morning burned off, leaving behind a dry, spicy aroma." - About NYC