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Lone Surfer Strapback | The Ampal Creative


- Wool Blend Upper
- Vtg. Style Printed Felt Patch
- Unstructured Vtg. Style Crushable Upper
- Deadstock Bedford Cloth Underbrim / Front Lining

 The Lone Surfer - alone but never lonely.

Like the Don't Think Twice patch, this one has a lot of influences.  The original Surfer Magazine "Murphy" grom by a young Rick Griffin.  The idea of a "lone wolf" out in the water, conceptualized through the classic hot rod wolf, which may have originally been a Roth or Roberts design, but like all classics has been bastardized over time.  There was also a play on the Jack Nietzsche "The Lonely Surfer" element, but that's going to be its own hat.  

 Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA

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