Incienso de Santa Fe

Incense Bricks (40ct) | Seven Scent Options | Incienso De Santa Fe


Smokey and woodsy aromatic southwest inspired incense bricks from Incienso De Santa Fe.

Pinon:  The soft smoke of a Pinon evergreen that grows at the foot hills of the californian desert mountain.  

Juniper:  Juniper is a fragrant tree that grows in the Rocky Mountains.  Has a distinct, sweet scent.

Mesquite: A complex fragrance inspired by the slow growing red wood mesquites in the southwestern mexican desert.

Hickory:  Hickory's grow in the southeast and are commonly used for cooking.  They have a rich, dark smell.

Cedar:  commonly used for woodcraft, cedar lends a somber, rich fragrance.  A classic woody scent

Fir Balsam:  Firs are high mountain plants.  Fir Balsam has a strong, refreshing smell of the high country.

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