Kathryn Hunter

Greetings From: 24 Vintage-Style Postcards of National Parks Across America | Kathryn Hunter


This colorful and cool postcard set features Blackbird's signature style with illustrated maps of 12 renowned national parks and a range of geographical and topographical features. Each card features a graphic map of a national park, dotted with landmarks, native plants, and commonly found animals, rendered in a way that evokes the iconic look of national park postcards of the past. These 24 postcards (12 designs that each repeat) are as useful as they are beautiful.

Parks include:
Hawaii Volcanoes
Grand Canyon
Rocky Mountains
Great Smoky Mountains

About the Author:

KATHRYN HUNTER was trained as a printmaker and has a bachelor of fine arts in printmaking from Montana State University, Bozeman, and a master of fine arts in printmaking from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. She began Blackbird Letterpress in 2003 in Lafayette, Louisiana, and it has won several design awards, including the Louie Award (Greeting Card Association) and the Trendy Award (Stationery Trends magazine). Kathryn continues to make fine art when she's not busy designing and printing for Blackbird. See her fine artwork at kathrynhunterfineart.com.

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