Manready Mercantile

Graphic Tee | Heights Feed & Seed 2 | Royal Apparel x Manready Mercantile


Manready Mercantile's graphic tees are not only super soft, but they're high quality and made from 100% organic cotton. All designed in-house, too!

We print this design on Royal Apparel, Next Level and American Apparel blank tees. All are made of organic cotton. You'll receive what's in stock or please call the shop to inquire.

Care: We suggest to wash in cold water and hang dry.

The idea behind this T-shirt was inspired from Petty’s Grocery & Feed, the only store that we had back home in Zephyr, Texas. I went there pretty much every day of my life either before school or after and most days both. We could get anything that we needed from chicken scratch to lunchmeat...and of course a Gatorade or Mountain Dew. The shirt is a little reminder to me of a simpler time in life and I really like how it turned out and hope y’all do too!

Travis S. Weaver, Founder

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