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Salt, pepper, and garlic... a trio whose versatility in the culinary world is probably second to none. There really is a beauty in finding that perfect ratio of garlic to pepper to salt in a single jar. So, after trying it and tweaking and fine-tuning and trying again and again, I believe we’ve made the best garlic pepper one can make.

This garlic pepper has the *perfect* balance of our handmade Garlic Dust, White Pepper, and sea salt. We chose to use white pepper because it has a more complex and subtle flavor than black pepper; with the correct ratio, it compliments the garlic flavor without overpowering it.

Sprinkle it on fried eggs, popcorn, potato chips, grilled zucchini, chicken breast, sautéed mushrooms, avocado... really any savory dish! You'll find yourself reaching for it more often than not. 

Ingredients: Original Garlic Dust, white pepper, sea salt

Net Wt, Small: 0.81oz

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