Full Fingered Gloves | Deerskin | Charcoal Melange | Upstate Stock

100% U.S.A. Made from American Ragg Wool, these full fingered gloves are washed and dried for ultimate comfort. 

All labels are lightly tacked on and can be removed easily - don't worry, we won't be offended if you take them off.

Natural deerskin leather pads

All cuff hems are serged with an elastic thread to help retain cuff shape even after washing. 

Content: 85% USA Wool, 15% USA Nylon

Ragg Wool: The nylon in this traditional workwear/gardening wool blend allows for shape retention and durability. The high-quality wool will wick away moisture to keep hands warm and dry. 

Source: Knitted in Upstate, NY and finished in Brooklyn, NY.