Flat Small Zip Pouch | Indigo Yagasuri | Kiriko


Introducing Kiriko's multi-purpose flat zipper bags to carry your everyday essentials. Made just the right size to fit in your bags. Made in Portland with durable brass findings, and lined with rail stripe canvas. Use this everyday to carry your small things.

This particular zipper pouches are made with Sashiko Fabrics from Miwa Orimono, which is the only company in Japan that has kept this special jacquard machine from the 1940s. These machines are so intricate and old, one machine stitches only one meter of fabrics in an hour. These pouches were strengthened with stitches to reinforce points of wear.

  • Sewn in Portland, OR
  • Hand dyed, embossed leather
  • Striped canvas lining
  • Brass YKK Zipper
  • Size: 6″ x 6.5"

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