SPF 12 Lip Protect | Ernest Supplies

All natural, broad spectrum lip protection built for the pockets of guys at the beach, on the slopes, on the field or in the boardroom (or anywhere else he might find himself).  Guys who suffer from chapped, cracked lips have a new tool right in their pockets to help them keep unsightly, damaged lips in check.  +Ernest Supplies Lip Protect with SPF 12. 

  • All-natural base comprised primarily of organic calendula, organic olive oil and organic beeswax
  • A user experience defined by the essence of fresh spearmint leaves
  • Broad-spectrum SPF 12 functionality with octinoxate and non-nanoparticle zinc oxide – when combined two of the safest, broad spectrum SPF ingredients available
  • Designed to go on with a clear, matte finish, so, no embarrassing glossy lips
  • Made in the USA