Wood & Faulk

Carpenter Bag | North Coast Grey | Wood & Faulk

$203 $339

This is the bag shape that really started it all. When W&F was born, they sold a canvas tool bag based on old masonry/carpentry/lineman’s equipment bags. As they’ve grown, their bag continues to evolve- Now even more rugged than it’s ever been. Extremely durable 24oz weight canvas, a light yet strong aluminum frame opening, and rich leather continue the tradition of their most versatile bag.

You don’t need to be in the trades to appreciate the supreme functionality of this design. A pleasure to carry, easy to load, tough construction and smart looks. This design is a true classic – dedicated to hard work and grit. With a large inner pocket and even larger outer pocket, you’ve got all the room you need. The bag bottom has full leather and luggage feet for protection, plus an internal board to keep it’s shape and further protect your stowed items. With the finest materials and solid brass hardware, this is a bag that gets better with use – a personal artifact that grows with you.

Frame opens to 15" wide and 7" deep. Perfect for most daily items, you can load it up substantially without it feeling bulky. It’s surprisingly light and an easy everyday carry.

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