District Roasters Whiskey Coffee Houston
District Roasters Whiskey Coffee Houston Barrel Aged Whiskey Coffee | District Roasters

A Manready Mercantile exclusive, in collaboration with DISTRICT.  Bringing the goodness of Kentucky-based JB whiskey flavors to world-class DISTRICT coffees.  You know you want some of this!

The uniqueness of this coffee comes from:

  • Sweet, flavorful coffee from the Rugoma Hill District of Burundi, Africa
  • Aging of the green beans in Kentucky-sourced JB oak barrels for long enough
  • Hand-crafted roasting of the beans to a roast that brings out the whiskey flavor
  • Packaging the finished coffee in craft, Manready-stamped bags
  • Marketed exclusively to Manready Mercantile markets and customers

This is a DISTRICT Roasters coffee in every way, but made exclusively for Manready and its customers!