Bandana | Indigo Yagasuri | Kiriko


A quintessential summer accessory, Kiriko's bandanas will soften with use, to become a treasured item worn throughout the seasons. The fabric is a high-quality cotton cloth imported from our Japanese heritage manufacturer.

The Yagasuri pattern represents the fletching of arrows. It is often used in graduations and other ceremonies. Yagasuri is meant to represent determination, and being steadfast in your decisions, as an arrow shot straight will never come back.

Each bandana is sewn, pressed, and packaged by Portland, Oregon.

Recommended Care Instructions: Dry cleaning or cold water wash (hand wash preferable). Please hang dry or tumble dry on low settings. High temperatures will damage and shrink the fabric. 

  • Origin of Fabric: Japan
  • Sewn in Portland, Oregon
  • Size: 20″x20″

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