Axel Provisions Traditional Chimichurri Made in Texas Pantry Goods Manready Mercantile

Axel Provisions Company's Traditional Chimichurri is a product of pleasant climate and warm hospitality, familiar to West Texas and Southwestern Argentina. In this jar, between the flakes of sun-dried herbs and quality liquids, you find generations of Gaucho ranching, gallantry and tradition.


When it comes to preparing a choice cut of meat, poultry, or any protein-rich meal on my table, I make sure to bathe it in the best marinate I can prepare. Thus Axel’s Chimichurri was born.

If grease capping occurs, don’t worry! Since Chimichurri is made from very natural ingredients, it’s normal for this to occur. Just remove metal lid, and place in microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and enjoy!


The main ingredients come from specially-selected suppliers from Texas and Argentina. Every APC product is taken care of from the start, from socially responsible growers to skilled APC employees. Since we take care of our products so carefully, we are able to deliver the tastiest and healthiest options for our clients. Chimichurri is naturally vegan and does not contain any GMOs or preservatives.