Alpaca Space-dye Beanie | Grey | Corridor

The Space Dye Alpaca Beanie features a super soft, warm and heavily knit 100% alpaca wool. 

While designing the shape of the beanie, Corridor wanted two fit options. First, the most typical fit which is to partially cover the ears and have a bit of room at the top of the crown. Second, to comfortably and fully cover the ears on cold winter days  and be taut through the crown. Corridor was able to achieve this fit by loosely weaving the alpaca and focusing on the proportions.


Knitting Partner - made responsibly in partnership with Eunice Moran's workshop in Lima, Peru

Yarn - 100% Alpaca raised ethically in Peru 

Space Dyeing - this is when the cone of the natural yarn is dip dyed multiple times while still on the cone giving each yarn multiple colors throughout.