All Over Spray | Citrus + Sandalwood


Use me ALL-OVER!

Spray me in the shower, over a warm bath or directly on your skin. Freshen up linens, rooms, clothes while traveling and even your car. I'm a great pick me up during long hours at a computer or desk. I go great in your kids locker and kill it at the gym. I'm named ALL-OVER for a reason!

Aroma: Bright blend of citrus + sandalwood pure essential oils. For her or him.

Directions: Shake well before getting SOKD.

Packaging: Perfect for travel! TSA compliant 2oz bottle with UVA and UVB protection to prevent damage to light sensitive essential oils. Water resistant label with long lasting permanent adhesion.

Ingredients: Distilled water, witch hazel, pure essential oils.

Handmade in Houston, TX. Spray responsibly and enjoy getting SOKD!