Pray For Rain

Albatroz Unisex Raincoat | Red | Pray For Rain


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Pray For Rain is a brand based in Houston and their concept is pretty simple, yet cool. 

We all know that Rain is a downer, so if we already have to face it, why wouldn't we face it in a fun/colorful way?

 Available in the three primary colors, the Albatroz Raincoat is perfect for those rainy days that we all know. 100% waterproof, Oil resistant, made with a seamless/vulcanized technology, combining great materials with experienced craftsmanship. 

Made in Portugal, a country well known for premium textile manufacturing, amazing coastline, and fishing industry.

PFR was born with both industries in mind! Presenting great design, attention to detail and a premium product that you could wear out there in the deep seas, but you'll probably just Pray For Rain so you can wear it out in the streets.

 All products are made to last, resist and endure. Needless to say, while it rains, they’ll be around.

Start Praying!


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