Richer Poorer

Work Hard, Live Well | Stripes | Richer Poorer x Manready Mercantile


Manready Mercantile is proud to introduce our second collaboration with Richer Poorer. We brought out the red, white, and blue for these guys! Red stripes or blue stars...or both the choice is yours! Each set of socks is adorned with he Manready Mercantile motto, "Work Hard, Live Well".

Work Hard, Live Well are simple words that means much more to both MM and RP… It means getting up each day and making the most of it. It means, being honest, working with others, supporting small businesses, never giving up, and earning your keep….the list could go on forever.

Socks are a great fit for both men and women! Knitted in North Carolina and designed in Houston and LA.

*SIZE: US 6-13 / EU 38-46 / JAP 24-30 / UK 6-12*

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