Norwegian Wool Blanket | Sheridan Lake | Indigofera

$172.50 $345

Indigofera is a brand that proves the old saying that 'Quality Never Goes Out Of Style'. Made of 100% Norweigan Wool, Indigofera blankets are produced at a traditional family owned facility in Norway. The wool is carefully combed, dyed and finally woven into the signifying oversized heavy Indigofera blankets.

Different ways of brushing the blankets give the surface of the blanket a range of softness varying from very soft to rugged like the sound of an old Volvo Amazon engine. The designs of Indigofera blankets are coherent with the Indigofera main line – which is qualitative jeans wear. Colors, labeling and design are familiar for the denim aficionado and also easily adopted by individuals looking for a long-lasting visual expression that will age with grace. We insist that just like a good pair of jeans, a good blanket will age and grow with your shared moments. Light up a bonfire, grab your blanket, take a road trip or simply sit down and enjoy an old record in your favorite chair…the blanket is big enough to cover both yourself and the experience.

  • Blanket Size: 6'4" x 5'

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