Manready Mercantile

Leather Shotgun Shell Box Holder | Manready Mercantile

Color: Natural

Manready Mercantile Leather Shotgun Shell Box Holder is a perfect gift that'll last a lifetime! Hand crafted right here in Houston by our in-house leathersmith.

Two things I love to do, but don’t get to do as much as I would like, is sporting clay and skeet shooting. It’s something about being in the outdoors with the camaraderie, the challenge, the stress relief, and the refined patience that it takes to hit clay targets is awesome! Anyhow, I’m pretty OCD about things and there’s nothing that drives me more crazy than my bags being disorganized. That's why I made these leather hand-stitched shotgun shell boxes that neatly hold four boxes of shells and will keep range bags nice and tidy. These come in a variety of colors, can be monogrammed by us, and are made with Wicket and Craig leather, which is some of the best in the world. It’s stuff like this that I love and will only get better with age.

- Travis S. Weaver, Founder

Tip: Check out our Manready Leather Guide (below on mobile/to the left on desktop) for help when selecting color of leather.

All Manready leather goods are available in the following five Wicket and Craig leather colors: natural, light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black. Keep reading to learn more!

Color Options:

Natural: Being the lightest color option, these are made from vegetable tanned leather, or "veg tanned" leather. Vegetable tanned leather is naturally dyed with materials like tree bark and plants, producing a beige color. Free of coloring or chromates, this leather will age, or "patina" over time. Factors that will affect the appearance of veg-tanned leather are sunlight, oils from your skin, oiling it, liquids touching it, and time... Needless to say, veg-tanned leather only gets better with time! Many folks even like to document the aging process with pictures to see the change that occurs.

Light Brown: Our most popular color option, these are made from harness leather, and are a warm, tan color. Please note that harness leather has a slight wax-type feel to the touch and shows light abrasions easily. This is actually Travis's favorite as it looks incredible with age. (The more roughed up the better!)

Medium Brown: This color has an orange-brown hue, commonly known as "chestnut brown". We use bridal leather for this style.

Dark Brown: Our dark brown coasters are a classic, chocolate color, and are made with bridal leather. You can't go wrong with this color.

Black: Being our darkest color option, these are made with bridal leather.

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