Mystery Candles
$20.00 $38.00

Get one candle for 20.00 or two for 30.00!

Hey y'all, Travis here. When I make our soy candles, I go through a lot of prototypes during the process. At times, it takes months to complete the final version of what will go on our shelves. With that said, I'm offering these mystery candles, which burn correctly, but are typically unlabeled and have no name....hence the mystery. Anyhow, I normally sell these in the store to locals, friends, and family and we also call them "underdogs" because they, at times, have cosmetic issues due to the amount of samples I go through. It's a great way for me to re-coop from the design process and for you to get great candles at a terrific price. In the end, we both win. 

These listed today are in our regular whiskey glass with a 40 hour burn time weigh around 9oz. I used fragrance oils, so these are going to be on the stronger side. They've got a throw and the only thing I didn't like about them was the way the wax adhered to the side of the glass. 

The trick to cleaning out the wax is to put them in the freezer overnight after you get to the bottom and then use a butter knife to gently make a crack in the wax the next morning. The wax will easily pop out and you can clean the glass with hot water and soap, or run it through the dishwasher. 

Get them while you can as the quantity is limited. 

Enjoy and make sure to read the care instructions on the bottom!

All the best, Travis