Caswell Massey

Fragrance Tonic Discovery Set | Yellowstone | Caswell Massey


Each of the Yellowstone Fragrance Tonics, created from the rare living florals found in various regions of Yellowstone National Park, captures the distinct scent of the wild American West.

For Old Faithful, fresh botanicals and strong notes of pine smoke allow this fragrance to evoke the perfect around-the-campfire feeling. Next, traveling deep in the heart of Yellowstone Park, Lake provides the olfactory backdrop with notes of citrus, floral, and musk that together capture "mountain sunshine in a bottle" with this bright aquatic floral fragrance. Finally arriving at the Park's thermal terraces, Mammoth recreates the perfect fresh-blossom smell after the snow breaks for the season by combining notes of hay-grass and citrus with woody, earthy notes.


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