Stand Against Injustice

Manready is a small business; from the start, we’ve tried to make a big impact on the world… but, in this dark time, this goal has taken on a new meaning for us. We want to make a difference and always have. Together, we want to stand against injustice - now more than ever. Frankly it’s disgusting that racial inequality is still an issue…yet here we are. We'll push forward to be better neighbors, have more empathy for others, and work purposefully with all the means that we have available to fight racial injustices. How?

  1. We’ll use our platform and resources to support black, oppressed, and marginalized voices. We’ll be teaming up with local black owned businesses to show our support and will promote them on social media. For those that have followed our journey, know that we’ve supported others in the past, but we can do more.
  2. Consistent with our past efforts, we’ll be teaming up with more charitable groups, locally and nationally. We want our contributions and actions to directly impact black lives, careers, and families. Many of you have been along our side while we’ve teamed up with other charities – we’d love to have your support again. We’re working on ideas now and will be hitting the pavement on this immediately.
  3. We’re working on a big picture campaign concerning equality and empathy. Our goal is to show that doing the little things that matter on a daily basis will develop into larger picture movements and ideas. Black lives matter. We will show that more, and better.

    Whatever we do, we know that our business is allowed to exist because of our crew, our customers, our community. Together, we can make change and stand for something amazing. Divided – we’ll fail, and the pain will continue. This has gone on long enough and it’s our commitment to our community to let them know what we’re working on, and why. We do not have all the answers, but we'll do our part. We’re pushing forward in this fight and our crew is all in! This has to stop and we have to stand against injustice!